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I walked into my office on Friday and saw this gem on my wall. This guy thought it would be fun to do this when I was out on Thursday.  I probably have never enjoyed anything more. 


Let me tell you a little something…

In my office we often communicate through LOLcats.  Always trying to out do each other. 

I may or may have not just spent the last 10 minutes making a LOLcats folder for ones to use in the future.

This winter we’ve gotten really lucky with interns.   Helping Jeremy write his blog for the website.  And this happened.

And the fun doesn’t end there — this gentleman is starting on Thursday.  Glad it wasn’t awkward when I told him we followed each other on Tumblr and that I LOVE Fan Letters.

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Oh it’s ON Shelley.

Shelley:  I was honestly scared to tell you.

Me: Do you think I’m that crazy.


So one of the brands I work with is on RueLaLa today!  

Check it out!  Seriously.  I see these coats every day and still drool over them.

And even thought I know most of you are a part of RueLaLa already click here for an invitation!

It’s 4:45pm on a Friday.

I’m the only one on the second floor and all moved into my new office.

Weezer dance party starts now.

So my boss went to Vegas last week and brought me back this hat.  

Don’t ask.

Everyone who comes in my office puts it on.  Including Ian.  Who’s usually all business.  Which is why I love this picture so much.

He told me he’d kill me if I put it on Facebook.  He never said anything about my blog.  Sorry Ian.

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I got a promotion.

And I have tomorrow off.  Plans include french toast, Zumba and lunch with my mom. I may even go “off the grid.” Can’t wait.

I have super supportive friends.

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Just like on the ark...

  • Me to coworker: OK your desk is bigger than mine.
  • Co-worker: Um no it's not. If you actually cleaned your desk once in a while you'd see that yours is just as big.
  • Me: No way. Your's is bigger.
  • Co-worker: It's like on Noah's ark. When no animals were in the ark it was huge - then when he kept inviting all the animals in he was like - shit - it's getting tight in here.
  • Intern: Did you just compare her desk to Noah's Ark?
  • Co-worker: I guess I did. Now get rid of the animals.
  • (this conversation was last week. Cleaned my desk today and we measured. Same size. And a nice clean desk)