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Love this.

Vinnie Caruana - The Gravediggers Argument (acoustic)

There are no words.  I love too many things in this clip.  Music video? Even writing that is weird.  Thanks bros.


Our new video for “Brooklyn Dodgers” is here, directed by the amazing Michael “Yoshi” Jasionowski…we love it and hope everyone digs it as much as we do…

I Am The Avalanche - The Gravedigger’s Argument with Anthony Raneri in Boston 10/8

More like you’re about 10 years too late. #snob


If you don’t listen to The Movielife, start.

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I Am The Avalanche. Holy Fuck. Brooklyn. 2011.

Pretty much.

And this happened.

Vinnie and Brandon.

Title: Drinking Song (Acoustic) Artist: Vinnie Caruana 0 plays

Vinnie Caruana — The Drinking Song (Version 1)

Vinnie Caruana/Brandon Reilly Solo/Movielife Tour


Vinnie Caruana has announced that he and Brandon Reilly will be going out on a solo tour together in February. Each will play a solo set of their own and end the night with a full set of songs from their original band, The Movielife, in preparation for Bamboozle.

This is relevant to my interests.

Just because.  Took this last Thanksgiving-ish in Long Island.

Thus beginning the most awkward night of my life.