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More like you’re about 10 years too late. #snob


If you don’t listen to The Movielife, start.

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And this happened.

Vinnie and Brandon.

If my scrobbler would actually work you could see how much higher Foo Fighters and The Kills are. I must have listened to both albums on repeat for both of my five hour flights this week.  Genius.

The amount of times I have listened to the new Bayside album already is seriously astounding.

Vinnie Caruana/Brandon Reilly Solo/Movielife Tour


Vinnie Caruana has announced that he and Brandon Reilly will be going out on a solo tour together in February. Each will play a solo set of their own and end the night with a full set of songs from their original band, The Movielife, in preparation for Bamboozle.

Title: Face or Kneecaps (Movielife Cover) Artist: A Loss For Words 1,030 plays



“Face Or Kneecaps (The Movielife cover)” - A Loss For Words

“And all those fucked up things you put me through
You lost the only thing you had left to lose
Tragic mistake”

I wasn’t even aware there was a recorded version of this cover. This is the song that got me into The Movielife. One of the only good bands to come out this shitty place I live in. Vinnie Caruana is still the fucking man. I love when AL4W plays this when they come here.

RIYL: The Movielife, Title Fight, This Time Next Year

this makes me so happy

I need the audio file of this STAT.  So good. 

AH amazing!  Thanks I just saw it!  


Now I can officially say… THE MOVIELIFE is playing Bamboozle. A band that since my first time hearing them has changed my life. Not to mention I was never able to see them preform due to the break up. I am not expecting a full reunion new album or anything. But this set I will not miss for the world.  

OH MY DEAR GOD.  This is the day I have been waiting for for 7 years.  I can’t even fully put into words yet.  All I know is that I will be there.  There is absolutely no question.  None.  I think I just scared everyone in my office and then even more when I told them why I was so excited.

I can’t even.  

Title: Jamestown Artist: The Movielife 360 plays




The Movielife - Jamestown. 

If my mind’s the weapon, my heart’s the extra clip.


I wish I could find the liner notes for this, but I believe that Vinnie actually credits one of his friends for this particular line.

Fact. He credits Thirstin Howl III for that line.