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One of my favorite pics from last night at the EMA’s. Jeremy looked handsome didn’t he, ladies?


Mind. Blown.

Not to brag or anything….

But I am REALLY good at singing “That’s What You Get” by Paramore ala RockBand.

Like really good.  

So glad my friends understand me...

  • BFF: I had this dream that we were doing kareoke in this class room and you whispered to me "I'm going to sing a Paramore song."
  • BFF: But when you got up there you were really bad. Like really bad and the girl before you was really good.
  • Me: What song was it? Was it Misery Business?
  • BFF: No. It wasn't a popular song. Even in my dream you were too cool for the singles.



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hey thats some nice credit you have

Love this!


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Here’s one of her closer.  The hair is perfect.  Now let’s see the shoes :)

Not a total Betty but a vast improvement.  Glad to see her with the whole band - because Paramore is a band y’all.

She may just be getting better at this.

Another.  Kassie - sometimes I swear we share a brain.


Hayley from Paramore at the People’s Choice Awards tonight.


Oh Hayley.

I will give you points for the shoes but the rest is a mess.

My Top Albums of 2009

1. Brand New - Daisy

Big surprise huh.  Daisy was without a doubt my favorite album of 2009 and my most anticipated of the year.  I’ve read a handful of reviews of this album and all of them say old Brand New fans may fall by the wayside with this album but I think the exact opposite.  I’ve been a Brand New fan for about eight years and with each album they keep surprising me and getting better and better.  Something about this album is super spontaneous and different to me.  The band says in interviews how this album was so random and they would record tracks and be like wait how did we get here?  For so long Your Favorite Weapon was my favorite BN record but this one is definitely fighting it for first place (YFW, Daisy, Deja, TDAG - for the record, though ask me tomorrow and it will be a different order).  Ugh it’s just so good.  Every week I have a new favorite track off the record.  Songs that I skipped initially became my favorites when I saw them performed live.  Suggested tracks: Vices, Gasoline, Sink, You Stole, Noro, In a Jar, Bought a Bride (I posted a gorgeous acoustic of that song a few weeks back)

The rest:

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Gooddd shit.