Gear up for April 13th! Ye shall not be disappointed.


What a disaster it would be if you discovered that I cared; a little too much for friends but not enough to share.

Motion City Soundtrack, “It Had To Be You” (via zomgannalolz)

Favorite Shows of 2010

I actually got to see some of my most favorite bands this year!  So without further or due.  Ahem.

1.  Something Corporate, August 12, 2010 — House of Blues, Boston
2.  Taking Back Sunday, June, 25 2010 — House of Blues, Boston
3.  The Dead Weather, July 14, 2010 — House of Blues, Boston 
4.  Manchester Orchestra, March 31, 2010 — Paradise 
5.  Jimmy Eat World, October 15, 2010 — House of Blues Boston
6.  Brand New, April 29, 2010 — Hampton Beach Ballroom 
7.  The Cribs, January 10, 2010 — Paradise
8.  Where’s The Band, December 8, 2010 — The Middle East
9.  Hole, June, 23 2010 — House of Blues, Boston
10.  MCS, Say Anything, STD, November 6, 2010 —  Lupos

This was hard.  That’s what she said.

Honorable mentions:

Four Year Strong, Club Hell and Paradise
I Am The Avalanche, Club Hell
Vinnie Caruana, Northeastern
Bayside, Royale 

Title: Pulp Fiction Artist: Motion City Soundtrack 10 plays

Since it’s almost 2011 I should get to my “Top Albums of 2010.”  To surely build the tension, I’ll post one every day till the end of the year.  **counts on fingers** That works right.  Away we go.

Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life

Love this album and it’s arguably my number one favorite.  Every single track is better than the one before.  It has all the elements that turned me on the MCS in the first place.  Some of the songs remind me of the amazing Committ This To Memory (favorite MCS record BTW).

Song: Pulp Fiction

Other favorite tracks: Weakends, Stand Too Close, #&@^, A Life Less Ordinary, Worker Bee, Hysteria


Ugh if I only got tickets for the Boston show instead of Providence.

Honestly I have no words to express how jealous I am that I missed this.

Kenny!  My Favorite Accident! Can’t even.

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So good.

Yes I listed to the new Good Charlotte this weekend.  Sue me.

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Probably my favorite one so far.

Despite my iPod being toast.

Title: Walk Away Artist: Death In the Park 30 plays

Well I liked Death In The Park per my post from yesterday.  The track with Hayley Williams is forgettable but the rest of the album is pretty solid and what I’d come to expect from anything Andy Jackson is involved with.

My favorite track is Walk Away.  

I think mostly because if Hot Rod Circuit got back together and made a baby with Motion City Soundtrack THIS song would be the result.