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Dear Long Beach,

I miss you.


I think I saw the nicest looking sky I’ve seen since moving to Long Beach two and a half years ago at the tail end of a 7 mile run tonight.

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Hey I was there!

Damn I miss the Downtown.



the downtown

miss you

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Title: An Orgy of Critics Artist: Say Anything 200 plays

Say Anything — An Orgy of Critics

This song always reminds me of the Loop Parkway.


Some kid wrote this on Alex from CIS’s paper and left it on his porch. Ha.

Let it be known that Jesse Lacey does not live with him.

This is hilarious.

But most of all it reminds me that a Cheaper Peepers took the place of my favorite Starbuck’s in East Meadow.  Boo to you Cheaper Peepers.

Head Automatica - Decadence

I feel like this album is creeping in on my daily life recently so I’ve been listening to it all day today.  Definitely a must have if you don’t have it (and Popaganda, the followup, is pretttty good as well).

It reminds me of when I lived on Long Island, Hempstead Turnpike, this time of year and a stupid band boy douche that broke my heart.

Oh and a video of me and said band douche dancing to Beating Hearts Baby in a drunken stupor.  That video had been hidden deep within the interwebz.

Ticket Tuesday!

Good Charlotte — The Vanderbilt — November 3, 2002

Supporting Acts: Homegrown and Halo Friendlies

Remember the Vanderbilt?  Sad they don’t do shows there anymore.  For a place like Long Island - a hot bed of live music - they do away with lots of great venues.

Anywhosit.  I don’t remember much from this show.  I was a huge fan of GC around this time - not going to lie - so it was rad to see them in such a small venue.

But I like the ticket.  Not sure what happened to it.

Title: Sailor Tattoos (Acoustic) Artist: The Movielife 120 plays


long islands calling me…..


Every bone in my body breaks for you.
Believe me,
‘cause by now I can barely move.