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So Brand New huh…

I had a nice little post but it deleted itself.  

Thursday we made the trek to Hampton to see Brand New.  NOT before a stop at Sonic though which was actually kind of amazing.  Cranberry Limeade?  Yeah I need one everyday for the rest of my life now.

Show was amazing and outstanding and spectacular and any word equating to almost perfection.  The dudes were in rare form that night.  They actually seemed to be having a ton of fun.  Set list was probably a 7 out of 10 but they closed with Jude Law so it doesn’t even matter.

Also - the moshing?  I understand that people mosh during Brand New but these people were damn near kicking the crap out of each other.  So bad I was playing “fist fight or mosh pit” whenever I saw one. I’ve been to too many Brand New shows than I care to admit and I’ve never seen anything like it. 

My new favorite Brand New concert activity?  Watching guys fanboy over Jesse Lacey.

Hmm what else?  Robbers were incredible, POS was great (I think I might have a slight crush on Stef.  I almost talked to him but I chickened out) Hampton was trashy and still looks like prime location for a horror movie.

Best part? During Play Crack - the stage is dark and it’s just Vin and Jess and this plaid shirted fella walks up to Jess and taps him on the shoulder and whispers in his ear.  Jess then starts giggling yet still tries to attempt to sing.  Plaid shirt leaves and the boys finish. He asked them to play Jude Law and JL said “Only if you come out to sing”  - cue Jude Law - towards the end of the song Plaid Shirt comes out and sings on Vins mic. Then they hug it out.  Twas cute.  So was Plaid Shirt.

I do know Plaid Shirts name but I just like to call him Plaid Shirt because no one wears plaid at Brand New shows………

The end.



Just seeing this makes me insanely excited.

So I’m not really a dog person..

..but last night I went over to my friend’s house for some shenanigans and finally met her boyfriends dog.

You can’t tell too well from this picture but he’s pretty much most beautiful Husky ever.  EVER.  Is is possible to clone dogs yet?  Because I only want this one.  Not only is he precious but he may be the sweetest dog alive.

The night also included: wine, Wonder Showzen, autotune, buffalo chicken dip, fun facts the Beatles Edition, oh and my new favorite (re: WTF is going on) movie Jesus Camp.  Good times.

Don't be that guy - that guy in this case = us

  • Good thing I don't sleep much anymore cause I would miss out on great text exchanges like this.
  • 3: 12am
  • Him: I just got the last train back to LI and there are so many annoying overprivileged Long Island kids on the train. And on a Thursday night! Thank god for my ability to hide in the corner.
  • Me: Ha. News flash we were those kids minus the overprivileged part about 5-8 years ago.
  • Him: Bullshit. We were never this bad.
  • Him: Oh no. One girl just threw up on her shoes and her friends are just laughing.
  • Me: Yep. That was us.
  • Him: Shit.
  • Him: We're getting old.
Title: Dog Problems Artist: The Format 17 plays

The Format - Dog Problems

This album reminds of 2006 - the winter specifically.  Me and a certain favorite would sing this song at the top of our lungs.  And make up dances to The Compromise.  Maybe tomorrow.

The Downtown (RIP) 10/16/04 - Say Anything, Hot Rod Circuit, and Straylight Run.

I swear things from my past are slowly showing themselves again. One of my friends just linked me to this video because we were talking about the Downtown.

In a million concerts that I have ever went to this is in my Top 5 favorite moments for a ton of reasons.  The reasons are super insignificant but hear me out.

At this exact moment I was discovering Say Anything.  They were openers but everyone told us they were epic so we were sure to catch them.  We were really there for Hot Rod Circuit who are probably one of my favorite bands ever.  It was always so sad that they never were headliners and always opened for someone else.  This was also the fourth time I saw Straylight Run.

At the end of Say Anything’s set I remember standing there in the bar and Jesse’s behind me and all of a sudden he’s gone and the audience started screaming.  Then we look up and Andy, John, Will and Jesse are singing the ending of this song, Belt, with Max.

It was one of those moments where you’re like “Holy Crap this is epic…” I wish the video went on because it was ONLY getting good when it cuts off.  I wish I could go back and get video from where I was standing.  Every time this song comes up on my pod I attempt to recreate this moment with myself - alas it does not work.

The saddest thing about this is that never ever will this happen again.  Like ever.  At least with these guys. Bummer.  Thanks Sherri… (sidenote: thanks for ruining the new Say Anything album).

Some other randoms about this night:

Vin’s Misc cute friend: Hey nice shirt!
Me: Thanks!  I made it myself.
VMCF: HAHA I can tell…..

(I may or may not have made a Rilo Kiley shirt under the haze of lots of alcohol a few nights prior.)

This was also RIGHT before the Red Sox winning the World Series but it this was the night they were playing the Yankees and if they lost they would have been out of it.  Living in New York as a Red Sox fan wasn’t easy so I generally tried to stifle my loyalty - but Robyn was there visiting (my best friend and fellow Sox fans obvs) so all I needed was a little support and I brought the Boston out.  I was making bets and putting my life on the line.  Somewhere Irish Car Bombs were had (as the song was playing) and the Red Sox won and went on to win the whole damn Series!

That is all I’m willing to admit about that night on an internet setting..