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Title: Last Night Artist: Good Charlotte 0 plays

Good Charlotte - Cardiology

Ok.  I’m ready for the hate.  But I really like this album.  I LOVED Good Charlotte circa 2001-2003 and this album reminds me of why I liked them in the first place.  It’s fun and they’re not crying about their father anymore - so I love it.  It’s quintessential Good Charlotte.

Song: Last Night

Suggested Tracks: Last Night, Counting the Days, Silver Screen Romance, Like It’s Her Birthday

Yes I listed to the new Good Charlotte this weekend.  Sue me.

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Title: Counting The Days Artist: Good Charlotte 979 plays


Counting The Days - Good Charlotte

Listen to this. Seriously.

Not going to lie.  I don’t hate this.  

Ticket Tuesday!

Good Charlotte — The Vanderbilt — November 3, 2002

Supporting Acts: Homegrown and Halo Friendlies

Remember the Vanderbilt?  Sad they don’t do shows there anymore.  For a place like Long Island - a hot bed of live music - they do away with lots of great venues.

Anywhosit.  I don’t remember much from this show.  I was a huge fan of GC around this time - not going to lie - so it was rad to see them in such a small venue.

But I like the ticket.  Not sure what happened to it.

Ok now YouTube is really spying on me. 

I definitely don’t love this song  - but I don’t hate it.  As long as they can come to terms with how silly they have become then we can be friends again.

GC and I go way back - and I’m not totally opposed to inviting them back into my life.

HA!  I love my MADE hoodie!  I literally still wear mine at least once a week.  It’s the best, most comfy hoodie I ever bought.  I’m surprised something I bought at Hot Topic (so embarrassed) has lasted me so long.  I remember being at that Skate and Surf when GC was giving the MADE gear to all the bands but not selling it and I asked Jesse where he got his and he’s like “I’m special.”

Yes!  GC needs a legit comeback.  I’m sure it will NEVER EVER happen because they’re so lame now - but it’s something I would definitely welcome.

HA this most definitely needs a visual.

And if you haven’t seen this video I suggest you watch it - like yesterday.

I may even break out that MADE hoodie today just for good old sakes.

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I forgot i was in this Brand New video. Look how young @benjaminmadden and i are


- Oh the memories…

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No doubt the coolest thing these guys ever did?  I’d say so. If I was Benji (does he still go by Benji? lol) I’d be so embarrassed of those mascara tears.

This video is the greatest for 99 reasons.