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Title: Pink Roses Artist: Glassjaw 10 plays


Pink Roses / Glassjaw

Good lot this week.

PS.  How am I just hearing about Girl Talk?  Increds.

PSS.  Taking Back Sunday 28 times - new song 26 times.  So good.

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Glassjaw secret show what?

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OH MAN!  I MAY just be buying this issue.

Jawbreaker!  Something Corporate! GLASSJAW!!!!! 10 Most Influential Albums from 2000!  WOO.

Yes this is a picture of a picture but I felt the need to give it props on this here Tumblr.  I’ve been searching for it for ages (this was pre digital cameras!) and finally while packing today I procrastinated and went through all my albums and finally found it

This was from August 2003 (is that right?) when my friends and I all convened in Asbury Park on Labor Day weekend to see NFG, H2O, Glassjaw and Catch-22.  Sweet lineup and a great night.

Details include but are not limited to: Ryan from Catch-22 was trying to get me to harrass Rachel from the Real World who was my frenemy at the time and subsequently got her to dislike me more, we carried around this megaphone all night (named Judy - don’t ask where the name came from), we met crazy a Good Charlotte fan who wouldn’t leave us alone (also a crazy Simple Plan fan and had them tattooed all over her), general run amuck-ness in the Berkeley.  

We thought it would be funny to video tape us yelling things at people from our room at the Berkeley - random fact about the Berkeley and making it THAT much creepier: there are no screens on the windows - open the windows and boom there you are).  So we start yelling to this one dude and we’re like “What’s your name”  and he’s like “*insert name here*” (I really can’t remember - not Grant but what was it Andrea?).  Anywho we keep harrassing him and after the show we think it’s hilarious and we tell Steve and he’s like “Dude that was ME! That was YOU guys??”  Good times.  Wow that’s a lame story but awesome regardless.

So glad we found it necessary to throw up gang signs.  Long story short -  WHEN can we all go another show together?

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Glassjaw @ Emo’s in Austin, TX Setlist


New unknown song
(You Think You’re) John Fucking Lennon
Tip Your Bartender
Mu Empire
Star Above My Bed
Ape Dos Mil
Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports
Stuck Pig
Pink Roses
Pretty Lush
Lovebites & Razorlines
When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros
Jesus Glue
Natural Born Farmer
All Good Junkies Go To Heaven
El Mark
Two Tabs Of Mescaline
Siberian Kiss

I think I just peed a little.  God they need to come here again like yesterday.