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Interrupting my friend’s Sunday morning family brunch with breaking and inappropriate news.

And then I shared said news. 

If you want to break into the skiing and snowboarding world - rap is the way in.

Great quote from a client.  
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Honestly.  I was trying to figure out where I could buy Tom’s new striped wedges (because I can’t live without them natch) - and what came up when I typed in “where can you buy..” was far too entertaining not to share.

So glad my friends understand me...

  • BFF: I had this dream that we were doing kareoke in this class room and you whispered to me "I'm going to sing a Paramore song."
  • BFF: But when you got up there you were really bad. Like really bad and the girl before you was really good.
  • Me: What song was it? Was it Misery Business?
  • BFF: No. It wasn't a popular song. Even in my dream you were too cool for the singles.