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Interrupting my friend’s Sunday morning family brunch with breaking and inappropriate news.

And then I shared said news. 

So you know how I say my friend Pat is the funniest person I know….

Well this is what he was up to when I was at the IATA/Bayside/STD show last night:

For the record no one found me at the show.  Step up your game kids.  

Side note:  A guy did grab me towards the end to ask me what the band playing was named (for the record it was Bayside.  If you look at the photo I posted last night you’ll wonder how he didn’t know…).  I did think he was going to ask me for a drink/whiskey shot/mozzarella sticks.

Why aren’t you following him yet??? DO IT. Seriously just click here it’s so easy.

It’s fall. (Taken with instagram)

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My favorite girls (minus one!) and I at Robyn’s Shower 6.5.11.

So I’m pretty sure this guy doesn’t need me to help him get more followers.  BUT I’m going to pimp him out anyways and you know you want to see what shirt he wears every day.  

I’d also like to take the time to mention that we were strongly encouraged to wear green today so I searched hi and low and finally found a green shirt sitting alone in a good will bag.  Only to find out NO one else wore green.  Jerks :)

Though I’ll let JR slide since he says it’s his bad luck color — strange with his last name being Gallagher.


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Hey I know those ladies!  Where the heck was I?

Solid hangs.  One of my favorite nights ever.

Was feeling very inspired by Jessica’s nails recently so I decided to switch it up a little on my own. 

Ringer finger is: China Glaze Grape Pop

Rest: Sephora by OPI Never Enough Shoes

I like it.

PS.  Shoutout to my Blackberry cam that decided to temporarily work just now.  Can you work this weekend too?

Ok sorry for the photo spam.

Here is the past few weeks of my life chronicled in photos. 

This was the end of the summer beach party.  Everyone really kicked ass in bringing food (amazingggg food). This wasn’t even half of it.

Did I mention how much I love my friends.