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Will Noon To Play Drums For fun. This Fall




Will Noon formally of Breaking Pangaea and Straylight Run will be playing drums for fun. during the band’s fall headlining tour. Check out a tweet from Will below.

i’m really excited let you guys know that i’ll be playing drums for @ournameisfun this fall. grab tickets and come hang

Will Noon

aw how cute

NICE! Good for him.



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Fav band dudes with bonus Michelle ;)

Title: Dignity and Money (Live) Artist: Straylight Run 60 plays


“So come and try to keep, keep this you can grit your teeth
and do your job - they’ll never know the difference.
Keep it going one day, a month, a year or more.
Ignore that sinking feeling.”

Dignity and Money, Straylight Run (Acoustic) 

HA!  I’ll always reblog this.  One of the best shows I ever went to.  I died when I recently saw someone caught this moment on video.  Thank you to whoever you are.


Say Anything + John Nolan + Jesse Lacey = total over-stimulation.

In honor of Straylight Run’s hiatus announcement yesterday.  This ticket was from the second of two shows they held at the Downtown (RIP) on Long Island for the release of their first album.

This show ruled for a million reasons - some which I illustrated in this post a few months ago.  So much fun.

Their announcement didn’t surprise me but when I thought about it I got a little nostalgic about this show, listening to the demos for the first time and getting super excited and other nerdy aspects of my love for Straylight.

Oh also, John Nolan is going to have a ode to Straylight Run over the next few days over at his Tumblr so ch ch check out.

Shaun Cooper has a Tumblr too and posted a sweet blog yesterday about the announcement.  I got a little teary yes I did. Kudos.