Day 26 - Your Least Favorite Brand New album

I plead the fifth.  But.  According to my iTunes - I don’t listen to Deja Entendu often.  Still love it.  But.

Day 27 - Least Favorite Brand New Song

I HATE Luca.  I don’t know why and I feel bad saying it but I always skip it. 

Day 28 - Have You Ever Met Anyone From Brand New

Indeed I have.  Lovely gents they are :)

I have become such a slacker and yes I’ve missed like six days but I need to finish at least one thing I started this month.

Day 23 - Do You Own Any Brand New Merch

Ok it seems as I don’t even know how to handle a simple Brand New meme cause I skipped ahead/or fell behind so I’m skipping to Day 23.

I have like 15 BN shirts but probably haven’t boughten one since 2004.  I also have a tote bag.  And a sticker.  

Day 19 - Your Favorite Song That Brand New Has Covered

Anything Neutral Milk?  Does that count?  I mean BN themselves don’t do many covers so.

Day 20 - Brand New Song You Want to Hear Live

Untitled 5.  Nuff said.

Day 21 - Song You’d Like Brand New to Cover

Anything by Tears for Fears.

Day 18 -Who Would You Like Brand New To Go On Tour With

The Movielife.


Day 17 - Favorite Brand New Lyric

"Meet me tonight on the turnpike, my darling." 

And really a million others but that one is my favorite.  It reminds me of Long Island and my memories on that turnpike.

Title: Millstone Artist: Brand New 30 plays

Day 16 - Which Brand New Song Do You Relate To Most


I feel like I have changed so much as a person in the past year or so and not always for the better.  I’ve let myself down in the worst ways, and what killed the worst was really letting my parents/friends down and knowing it. I’ve done things I would have never done two years ago.

Things have been getting better and I’m working on being a better and stronger person.  

This song came up on my shuffle probably about 9 months ago and I was like “Holy Shit.”

Sorry.  Personal rant over.

Oh yeah and I skipped Day 15 (who is your favorite member) because I thought it was stupid.

Day 14 - Your Favorite Photo of Brand New

I don’t really have one.  But I do quite like this one.  I’m a sucker for interesting wallpaper.

Day 13 -Your Favorite Brand New YouTube video

The fact that is has less than 2,000 views is just uncool.  So go watch it.

Day 12 - Your Favourite Brand New Video

I think the answer is clear.  I don’t think I have to go into the reasoning.

"We’ve all had regrettable nights in the Berkeley - they just got theirs on tape."

Day 11 - Favourite Brand New live performance

So this is from my second favorite Brand New show - might even be first. 

I feel like I could on and on about this year at Skate and Surf and how awesome BN’s set was and how happy they were.   And how there was such a sense of camaraderie in the whole room.  Incredible.