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Day 26 - Your Least Favorite Brand New album

I plead the fifth.  But.  According to my iTunes - I don’t listen to Deja Entendu often.  Still love it.  But.

Day 27 - Least Favorite Brand New Song

I HATE Luca.  I don’t know why and I feel bad saying it but I always skip it. 

Day 28 - Have You Ever Met Anyone From Brand New

Indeed I have.  Lovely gents they are :)

I have become such a slacker and yes I’ve missed like six days but I need to finish at least one thing I started this month.

Day 19 - Your Favorite Song That Brand New Has Covered

Anything Neutral Milk?  Does that count?  I mean BN themselves don’t do many covers so.

Day 20 - Brand New Song You Want to Hear Live

Untitled 5.  Nuff said.

Day 21 - Song You’d Like Brand New to Cover

Anything by Tears for Fears.

Day 9 - Your Favourite Brand New album

Without a question in my mind my favourite BN album is Your Favourite Weapon.

It’s the album that cemented my love for Brand New and holds so many memories.  

Title: Sic Transit Gloria ... Glory Fades (Live on BBC Radio) Artist: Brand New 51 plays

Day Five - Your Favorite Song From Deja Entendu

So I’m totally cheating.  I couldn’t ever pick a favorite song from this album because they all mean so much to me and they all hold different memories.

So - I bring you my favorite version of a song off of Deja.

Sic Transit Gloria from BBC radio in 2004.