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Title: The Shower Scene Artist: Brand New 16 plays

Day Four - Your Favorite Song Off Your Favourite Weapon

The Shower Scene   

This was hard (TWSS).  This album means so much to me and each song holds a different memory but this song is just excellent.

Now if I could just see it performed with backing vocals by D. Palumbo per the record version I’d be really happy.

Day One - Your Favorite Brand New Song

Ok I can’t really pick ONE.  I have at least 10 on any given day.  What I will tell you is Vices is the most played BN song on my iTunes since 12/09.

And my overall favorite song, and I need to post this fast before it changes, is (Fork and Knife).  I would post the audio but I’m not on my home computer - so enjoy this random YouTube video.  And don’t do anything scandalous while listening - Jesse is watching and looking judge-y.

Title: Play Crack The Sky story Artist: Jesse Lacey 66 plays

Day 24 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Story of how Play Crack the Sky by Brand New became to be called Play Crack the Sky.  And I think it’s pretty high-larious.

Day 22 - A Website

Hi, my name’s Kristen and I am a nail polish addict.  I can’t even go near the Ulta near me because of my lack of will when it comes to OPI and Essie.

The first nail polish I was ever obsessed with was from Hard Candy and it was literally the most gorgeous color ever.  It was orange and in different lights could look pink, purple and even green.  Then Junior year of college I discovered the Ulta in Levittown and it was all downhill (or up!) from there.  

I’d like to say I have a nice little collection.  Maybe not as good as this chics - but hey I’m working on it. (Side note: How does she get all that cool shit?  She’s like 11?)

Thus I bring you my favorite website/blog that allows me to be as nutty as about it as I want.

All Laquered Up.  Check it out.  It’s so awesome.  She wear tests a TON of colors and gets the 411 on new lines before they come out.  I’m giddy just thinking about it.

Oh and FYI - my current color is OPI Gargantuan Green Grape on fingers and OPI Jade is the New Black on my toesies.

Day 18 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Probably one of my most favorite YouTube phenomenon’s and I know if any of you are like myself you’ve already seen this video like 85 times - but really is it not the funniest thing in the world?

David really gets philosophical with us though when he asks the question “Is this real life.”  I literally ask myself that every morning.

Day 17 - A piece of Art

Whenever I think of my favorite piece of “art” I always think of the light poles in St. Marks.  I did a project on them on college.  My favorite one is actually the one directly across the street from this one but I couldn’t find any images of them (and my project was before I had a digital camera!).  If you’re in the area definitely check these out.  They’re so interesting and beautiful.

And I like this picture because my favorite spot to get falafel’s is in it (Chickpea!).  And if this picture was slightly wider you would be able to see another cool spot to see shows (Continental - where I had the ultimate fangirl moment back in 2005 - but we’ll save that story for another time).

Title: I Can Barely Breathe Artist: Manchester Orchestra 72 plays

Day 16 - A Song That Makes You Cry

Manchester Orchestra - I Can Barely Breathe

Day 15 - Your Favorite Fanfic

Well I don’t know what a fanfic is.  I googled it and decided that it’s lame.

I decided instead of that I’d share with everyone what I am currently reading.

I just read the Dudley chapter and I was literally crying it was so funny.  I love it.  Pick it up for sure if you’re a fan of her books.  

Day 14 - Your Favorite Non-Fiction Book

Teenage Wasteland: Suburbia’s Dead End Kids by Donna Gaines

Honestly one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.  I was going to try and summarize it but Amazon does a way better job:

The author, a freelance journalist working on a story about four teenagers in northern New Jersey who, in 1987, killed themselves in a suicide pact, gained entry into the world of the so-called “burnouts” of Bergenfield. Gaines, a former social worker and a devotee of rock music, began hanging out with local kids whose lives were much like those of the teenage suicides. Her reflections on the primacy of death in the culture of these nomads in a middle-class society are expressed in an earthy, colloquial style that marks the author’s empathy with alienated youth. This is a hard-hitting, disturbing report urging adults to “renew our social contract with young people.” 

Sounds morbid but it was probably the most interesting book I’ve read.  The way I came to read this is kind of a funny (or not) story.  

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Day 13 - Your Favorite Fiction Book

Sorry.  Busy weekend full of parties, outings, wedding fun and dance parties I almost neglected my daily duties.  I’m sure you were all very concerned ;)  On we go.

Day 13 - Your Favorite Fictional Book

Talked about this a little on Day Four - but The Great Gatsby is my favorite fictional book.  I actually started reading it again that day.